Date Night Week 3 – 020614

Third week and still kicking! Can you believe it? It’s nearing its month-sary!

For this week, we had Gourmet Beef and Mushroom pasta. I found the beef and mushroom sauce when I was looking for the carbonara sauce.

Note to grocery owners: stock up on Carbonara sauce. I mean it. I can’t find any. You’re being a disgrace to the grocery community.

I just followed the recipe behind the pack of the sauce. It was pretty simple and needed a few ingredients like mushroom and beef. Anyone could do it. Even toddlers.

Nah. Kidding.

It was tasty. It has that distinct taste that I couldn’t quite place. Maybe it was “gourmet” part that they were talking about in the label. It was so meaty because I put too much beef and mushroom (guilty as charged). But all in all, I enjoyed it.

My only regret is buying that Dairy Cream Garlic and Herbs flavour. I thought it was the one used to make garlic sticks. I was wrong. I should really that one up on Google. The butter tasted of too much herbs than garlic.

I’ll try to make carbonara next week. Or eat out maybe, cause you know, its Valentine’s Day the next day. Have a lovely Valentine’s day everyone! Ciao!


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