Minute Miracles

“The little things you do to me are taking me over, I wanna show you.”

Well said by Colbie Caillat’s The Little Things, even the smallest of things can make someone be taken over.

I just want to share a few moments I experienced last December 27 while traipsing around town. I want to commemorate how wonderful things had been just for that tiny moment.

While at the NAIA 2, I was struck by how families are. I was there to see a cousin go and it was heartbreaking to see him smiling and saying goodbye. I know he was sad going back abroad alone but he still managed to smile for his family, so that they won’t be worried about him. After he went in, his family patiently waited outside and watched him go through security through a glass panelled window. The love they have for their son was so palpable you could taste it. I felt blessed seeing that.

Next was the jeepney ride to Porac. A few minutes before going down, an old lady tried to pay her fare but the driver just gave her money back. I was touched by how kind the driver was. Maybe he knows that the old lady don’t have much, maybe not, but he still let her go for free. I think it’s the driver’s simple way of giving back what blessings he has.

Speaking of blessings, we went to Angeles City after to have ourselves pampered courtesy of my Tita Len. I am so blessed to have her and the whole fam in Pampanga. We always, always, feel welcomed whenever we come to visit. They provide everything for us and even treat us with food and other stuff. Whenever I am there, I feel so safe, free, and carelessly happy. It was the perfect place to relax and detoxify.

So, there. I wish everyone could stop a moment from their busy lives, look, and listen. I am sure they’ll recognize the little blessings that they often neglect and be thankful for them. I also am sure that those minute miracles can bring a smile to their faces.

You should try it. It’s free. 🙂


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