Happy 2 years, peybonaccisequence


I just snapped my fingers and ta-da! It’s my second year with all of you!

Wow. That was real fast. I can still remember writing my first anniversary post. I was so amazed with myself with that post. I didn’t even draft that one. I just let my fingers do the work of translating my heart’s feelings. That was the real shocker, making it in record time and having it in more than 3 paragraphs. And that my friends, shows how much I love this blog.

Looking back, it brings tears to my eyes realizing how much I’ve grown through peybonaccisequence. I’ve posted tons of things that I care about and it warms my heart how appreciative everyone was. I am really glad when someone likes my photos. I get mini-heart attacks when someone comments and my fingers get all shaky when I’m answering them (I’m afraid my English won’t work out, or I won’t be able to say what I really wanted to say). I get giddy seeing all the views from around the world even if it’s just on my home page. Seeing all the views, likes, and comments makes me feel so happy. I feel accomplished.

I can’t thank all of you enough, readers, for being with me may it be from the start or for a short period of time. I thank you for motivating me through all the hits and likes. Thank you for being patient through all of my drama-field posts, misadventures, random thoughts, quotable quotes, bookish reviews, hair tutorials, amateurish photography shots, attempts at crafts, teenage experiences, school stuff, untitled poetry, love for music, failed music videos, food trips, learning new stuff, and the small bits and pieces here and there. Thank you for the love, everyone.

Wishing real hard that we could last, I promise to continue growing. I’ll post more stuff that makes reality real.

I must cut it here before I start bawling my eyes out.

Happy 2nd anniversary peybonaccisequence. More power to everyone. Love and hugs!



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