The V Day

Now why a self-proclaimed love-story-not-lover like me would post something about The Day, The V Day at the least, you might ask. I just, don’t know. I was just truly happy that day.

Last year, at the same day, February 14, I was at home, sick. So you see how this year would be a memorable one.

I was not expecting anything that day, actually. Not even sweets from my friends. We just planned to try this new bbq house in town after class. Other than that, I don’t have any plans than going home and finishing some Anime. So it was a big surprise when someone gave me Toblerones (chocolate and white), a pink glittery rose, a dark chocolate with letter, Crossini (though this one’s a request), and some candies. I am really loved, after all.

I also received a letter that got my heart temperature’s rising in record time. Though that letter sure made my day extra special and happy.

We also had some fun writing comments on heart-shaped colored papers outside our room and taking pictures by the photo booth. We even had our own photo shoot inside the room before that.

Then we ate out, chatted, and just made fun of all the couples who looked so stressed carrying their flowers and presents. It was like a pageant was going through because of all the bouquets all around.

By chance, we decided to stop by Daryl’s house because it’s his birthday. It was so lucky because they have the best Carbonara in everywhere and you know how I’ll give up everything just for Carbonara. We played a few rounds of Uno, which I won 2/3 games by the way, and just chilled outside. I love February’s before dusk temperature and color. It’s so my mood. Calm, peaceful, not too dark, just right.

I was also happy by the messages I’ve exchanged with my friends that day. I miss them all so much I could hug them forever. Ugh. I’m so clingy.

To top it all off, I went home to a yummy plate of Tacos salad without the tacos.

Officially, this is my best Valentine’s. I was just happy. I want to be this happy all the time.


How was your V Day? 🙂

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