To Get There

“I figured we could go away together.”

I have been reading lots of things and “together” (not to get there) came up lots of times.

“to-geth-er”, adverb, has too many meanings.

“Let’s expand our world together.”

Doing things together makes everything a little bit easier. As they say, no man is an island.

“We just have to feel lonely together.”

These are some of the lines I got from books. They are so cheesy that I actually like them.

I just love the idea of “together”. It makes sentiments sound more convincing. It makes you somehow believe that everything is possible. That you could conquer the world, when you are together, with him/her.

It makes every sweet string of words even sweeter.

What a corny thing to blog about. But admit it, you giggled just thinking about doing things with your loved ones together.


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