The Princess’ Star

There was once a little girl who dreamed of being a princess. She has a farmer for a father and a picture of a fine lady for a mother. At night, she would often go to their attic, open a window, and gaze upon the skies hoping for a shooting star that she believes is the one responsible for granting little girls’ wishes.

“A princess, I want to be a princess.”

Minutes ticked, day’s end, months passed, and years rushed by but still no shooting star fell from the sky. The little girl is not so little anymore. She grew into a beautiful lady just like the picture she has of her mother. She’s going to be married tomorrow to a butcher and this is the last night of her freedom, her last chance to wish upon a star.

Closing her tear-streaked eyes, she willed the starless sky to give up one of their own stars to grant her simple wish.

“I want to be a princess.”

A sudden flash, then utter darkness.


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