Thy Fancy Birthday Party

I just turned 19.

End of story.

HAHAHA. Kidding.

I am now entering my last teen year of my existence. It was both frightening and exhilarating. I can’t decide if I’m excited for it or dreading it. But I am bursting with positivity just thinking about it! 🙂

I was not expecting anything special to happen on my birthday. I know beforehand that we were going to Manila so I already told my friends that I will not be celebrating with them that day. It was really okay for me to celebrate wherever and with whomever because I was actually not planning anything on my birthday. I know that my Mom would just cook pansit (noodles) for the family and that’s it. I know that wasn’t special enough for a birthday but I was fine with it. Really. I wasn’t on to something nice for my birthday so whatever happens is cool. As long as I’m with someone I love dearly, I can celebrate.

I asked the family (our family plus my 2 aunts’ family) if we could go to North Edsa because they were having a shoes and bag sale. I don’t really have any money, I just want to explore, window shop. But I could use some new sandals and doll shoes.


When we got there, I was surprised when one of my aunts made a reservation at Shakey’s (I told her the night before that I’ve never been to Shakey’s). I was speechless and shy because I was supposed to be the one treating them, not the other way around. After we were seated, she asked me what pizza I wanted. Then we ate.

ImageImageAfter we finished eating, we roamed around the mall and went to the supermarket to buy some ice cream. We bought maki too to try it.

ImageImageWhen we got home, we ate our leftovers from Shakey’s and ate the ice cream.

ImageI’ve always thank the Lord for all the blessing I am experiencing everyday and I want to thank Him once more for a wonderful birthday celebration. I thank Him for a adventure-filled year he gave me and is already thanking Him for a lovely start at my 19th year.

I know this sound so cheesy (but I am naturally a cheesy person) but I am so touched by the people who took the time to greet me on my birthday. I was overwhelmed by the messages my friends sent me. Reading one after another made me feel that I was overflowing with love. That distance cannot stop anyone from showing their love.

I was so happy I could cry.

Fingers’ crossed for another fun year. God bless!


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