12 Quick Things To Boost Your Life

13th. 🙂

Thought Catalog


I love doing tiny things that make life better. 

Science says happiness isn’t about the few big things as much as it is about the million little things. So I have lots of little things. It’s kind of like LifeHacks… but we’re not hacking anything. We’re just living.

Here’s 12 things to do to make life more fun:

1. I have a second toothbrush & toothpaste set in the shower. It’s pure luxury for $5 and you can take longer showers when you’re in a rush.

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2. Breathe into the belly. Everyone has said to do it, but now I do it and it’s amazing.

3. Choose the best available option without researching too much. The more you know the less satisfied you’ll be. This is true in small choices like picking a iPhone case to buy and big ones like your girlfriend, your car, the…

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