3-Part Catching Up

It will never be a shocker how clingy I am with my high school friends. It will be an understatement to call me the clingiest of them all.

The earliest of the 3-part cling fest was at Marcena were we gathered up not-that-unplanned to dine and go nuts singing our high school feels theme songs. It was hilarious reliving the songs that summed up our precious high school life.Image

The second part was the absents-day-out consisting of the absentees of the first part with some exemptions being me and two other. It was a trying-out-new-things kind of day and a let’s-go-and-sleep-at-someone-else’s-house kind of night. It was fun but tiring.Image

The last part was the supposed to be birthday celebration that turned out into a screw it. Few came, most backed out, and I was left with the little optimism I stocked up for the occasion. It turned out great in the end because of the yummy ice cream.Image

And the grandest catch up fest will be held soon in celebration to the flying (sailing?) home of a very dear (goat?) friend. I really wish for us to be complete just this once. I hope it will turn out well (the plans and all) and we all enjoy ourselves.

Fingers are crossed!

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