Got ‘ya! April Fools!

We do not really celebrate April Fools in the Philippines. I remember tweeting something about it not being in my calendar as a holiday so why celebrate it a few years back. This day was no different.

I went home early today from an impromptu sleepover and after an hour’s worth of sleep, was immediately transported to Manila for a long-overdue vacation. We were supposed to go there on the 29th but circumstances happened.

When we got there, my other aunt and her sons were already there. We rested for a while then decided to go out now and rest the whole day tomorrow.

We went to Quezon City Memorial Circle for a picnic and were greatly disappointed to learn that the attraction rides were closed. In a spur of the moment decision (and with a little push from me and the kids) we headed to SM Mall of Asia.Image

There, we went to the Bay Area and tried to get a table at one of the restos. We failed. Epically. We then just rode MOA’s Eye (total waste, sorry not sorry) which was for the no thrill seekers and some other rides (some thing that goes up and down rapidly and bump cars). In exhaustion, we ate.



There’s this one ride that my aunt really (really really really) wanted to try. She tried it before on another amusement parks and wants to know the difference. Some might recognize it at Vikings (on Star City). It’s the boat that tilts forward and backward. On MOA, it was called Pirate Ship. My aunt was so excited to ride it that she bought us all tickets. We were thrilled because it was a great step up from the Eye and only a few were on so it’s not crowded.

My mom needed a little more convincing and my aunt was trying hard to coax her into going saying that “it’s only wind”. Eventually, she agreed.

A few ear-splitting-make-it-stop-I-want-to-go-home screams later, we were down on the ground equally regretting and wanting to try again that despicable piece of manmade bittersweet torturing device. “It’s only wind” my face. It was the most soul-detaching experience I’ve had since elementary and to actually think I was one of the firsts who wanted to try it willingly. It literally made my cry with my eyes closed.

Will definitely try it again the next time to satisfy my cruel and twisted cravings.

So yeah, us be like “it’s only wind” and Pirate Ship be like “Gotya suckers! April Fools!”

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