Old Fears Still Hurt

I’ve never thought how lonely alone can be.

I always had this optimistic perception that it will be temporary, that along the way I will be rescued and be swept off by my feet by someone who will see through me and still accept me. He’ll take one look at me and he’ll instantly know it deep within him that it’s the start of a life long love letter. He’ll smile and he’ll know that he’ll be reserving that smile only for me. He’ll ask for my name and it will be music to his ears. My name rolling from his tongue like sweet ambrosia.

But life is one bittersweet piece of heaven.

No ambrosia for me for the longest time and I’m still here, having faith in a happy ever after. Daydreaming about all the lovestruck things I’ll do when the right time comes along with the right man. Crossing my fingers for a witty soul mate. Creating games that only the two of us will play until we get old. Imagining sweet surprise scenarios he might procure from his magical love loot bag.

I guess no love loot bag for now.

Anyway, let’s have  a toast for all of us who were so called hopeless romantics. Let us not be hopeless but hopeful in the quest to find true love. Let’s celebrate our unending faith in the unknown. And I pray that each one of us will have a happy life.

Much love, peybonaccisequence.



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