He Is Risen: Sunrise Service 2014

A morning person is someone I’ll never be. I’ve said countless times to countless people that my brain is awake at night. I have vampiric traits (not the fangs, the bloodsucking, the paleness, the beauty, the speed, the sight and hearing, and all those). So it would be real hard to wake up early for a sunrise service.

Sunrise services were held every year at Easter. It is the Methodist’s way of celebrating Jesus’ being alive 3 days after he was crucified. It is held before the sun rises at places that will hold large crowds (because we often do it by district). We held a service and celebrate a new day.

This year, the East and West districts decided to have a joined ceremony so it was held at San Fernando Sports Complex at San Fernando, Pampanga. It was a big place with an oval for sports events. We arrived at 4am and the Praise and Worship was already starting. It was a fast service and I really liked and understood the sermon of Bishop Juan. Sermons usually make teenagers bored because they are deep, long, monotone, and lack that something that teens take interest in. But Bishop Juan’s sermon was short, lively, and he injected humor in it successfully. It was one of the best sermons I’ve heard (and understood).

“We are SIGA, Servants In God’s Army.”

After the service, we went home and got back to sleep.


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