VCS 2014: I Follow Jesus

Since I was a chubby little kid, I have spent my life around the church. Our modest church is Church Upon The Rock United Methodist Church at Pampanga. I was raised going to the church on Sundays. I graduated from their Kindergarten. Been singing in JCC and now I am a Youth.

On summers, they held VCS or Vacation Church School (in our time it was Daily Vacation Church School or DVCS, same thing I guess) for grade school students. It was a 5-day school that teaches kids all about Jesus. It’s divided into 4 groups. Nursery/Kinder for, well, nursery and kinder. Younger for kids in Grades 1-2. Middle for Grades 3-4. And Senior for kids in Grades 5-6 (and those who recently graduated). I remember my days from being a Senior student. We had a verse finding game in the Bible and I was one of the fastest. Not to boast or anything, haha, that was a long time ago.

The night before VCS started, my cousin asked me to teach the children on our street (because we were quite far from the church where it will be held and it is close to the road so it’s dangerous for the kids). I was secretly hoping to teach this year but I did not attend the seminar so I won’t know what to do. But luck definitely is on my side and the Lord had a really great plan for me so I accepted.

To tell the truth, I was very anxious because I don’t know what to teach, where I’ll be teaching, who I’ll teach, and how I’ll teach. At least I know why I would teach.


The next day, I was up early and went to the church to ask what I should do. I was not able to teach the kids that day because we decided to finish all the IDs and other paraphernalia.

The program was Morning Devotion at 7:30AM then teaching time from 8-11AM. We provide the kids snacks. Then in the afternoon at 2PM, we’ll have a sports fest.

That afternoon, we were designated a team (Team Red blazing red) and the sports fest begun. We were the 2nd best at the end of that afternoon.

It was nice to spend some time with the Youth. I was not home often to get to know them all well but I felt so welcomed and it made me happy just to be part of something wonderful like that.Image

Tuesday, I met my kids. We situated our little group below the shade of an avocado tree at someone else’s front yard. It took time to gather the children who are willing to go to school. Mostly the kids were my cousins or nephews. They were a total of 10 students. Not bad.

It was fun to teach them. I’ve always have this innate teaching ability and the urge to teach. I think I got it from Mum. Anyway, Genel help me that day.

In the afternoon, I brought “my” kids to the church to be part of the games. They were separated by I kept an eye on each one because they were my responsibility. We played Call The Number and the odds were in our favour for we were the best by the end of that afternoon.


Wednesday, my kids dwindled down because some did not get the memo that it was 8AM and I was late. I always am late and this time it’s not intentionally. I go first to the church for the Morning Devotion and then wait for my instructions for the day so it takes me a while to get to the kids.

We had another round of Call The Number and we won. Heehee. We then had that game with the sponge. It was a first for me. You form a line of 15 persons. You make them sit closely. Then the first in line will soak a sponge in water and let it be filled. The sponge will then be passed among the group above their heads. The last person in line will then squeeze out the water from the sponge to a bottle and whoever gets a higher meter reading of the water wins. It was a fun game. You should try it.Image

Thursday was the last time I taught the kids because it was the Parade the next day. I got real attached to the kids. I like that even though I did not teach some of the other kids, they still know me and calls me “Ate” (older sister).

We went out for today’s sports fest. The good thing was it’s not that sunny. We played tug of war and my hands were pulled from their sockets. Good thing I have tape.Image

Friday is Parade day. We went around the barangay. It was hot and we were really keen on keeping an eye on the kids because they might run around and be hit by incoming vehicles

Not to sound like a brat but I got real dark because of today. I did not bring any shield to the sun and tada work to do; I hope I don’t get lazy this time fixing my skin up.

The afternoon was spent for the last game, volleyball. I am not very competent at this sport but I had to be a good teacher and join. I did well, I think. I got the chance to hit the ball and it was an “in”.Image

We had Saturday as rest day. I was worn out by that time what with the waking up at 6AM and sleeping at midnight and the heat.

The graduation was held on Sunday afternoon. The kids went all out on the outfit and I am so happy that I managed teaching. It was a new and exhilarating experience and I would like to do it again.

I even got some reunion of my own because present at the graduation were my Kindergarten classmates. It just goes to show that “what goes around comes around”. It was nice that we saw each other on the same place that we met 13 years ago.Image

We, the teachers, went on a celebratory night swimming after the ceremony. I think chlorine made me whiter. Should migrate to Manila if that’s true. Haha

This is one of my treasured memories to date.


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