Hashtag UDD @ Bataan

ImageHooray for my 2nd gig attendance! (I totally made that up and I don’t know if it’s the right term. Sorry band people.) I once blogged about my Silent Sanctuary gig experience which I, surprisingly, enjoyed immensely and here I am again, being a complete band fan for a few precious hours. This time, it’s for a band called Up Dharma Down.

Up Dharma Down is an indie band (says my friend) who in my opinion, makes real good music. I’ve said before that I’m not that of an OPM fan. Mostly I like English songs but this band really hit that spot of me who loves music.

I’m not really familiar with the band’s music except for their song “Tadhana” but I’ve been hearing good comments about them so I went with my friends to their gig at Pan Resorts and Events Place. We came after dark and went in at around 8PM. I was surprised because I didn’t expect the setup of the place. The first time I attended a band gig (I think I’m using gig too much just because it sounds good) we were just standing and rocking our hearts out. This time, we were seated to these fancy chairs (we were at the back because Gen Ad feels) with AC running all over. I was not happy with it, it felt limited and restricted.Image

Since I didn’t know most of the songs, I had that first-time look on my face the whole time. I really enjoyed the beat of their songs and more importantly I was engrossed by the vocalist’s (Armi) voice. It has that unique smoky edgy voice I have always dreamed of having. I always have something to say about other people’s voices but hers was just perfection in a cool way. She was even playing the keyboard!


It ended a few minutes after midnight and we had the chance to meet and greet the band though it was brief.


I really had fun and I hope to have more “gig experience” to add on my life memories!



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