A Reward

Hello there. I am very pleased to have this little time to update things here. It has been a while and it truly felt like forever (For The First Time In Forever playing in my head).

Let me tell you a story about a girl who had the greatest reward imaginable.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who goes to school. She is a 4th year Engineering student and was excited for her subjects. One Tuesday afternoon, after a meal of beef and broccoli, her world turned upside down.

“Requirements to be passed next Tuesday, Lab Report (handwritten, Engineering Lettering, with border) and Research on Tensile Test (handwritten, minimum of 10 pages).”

She knew after she learned the handwritten part that she was doomed. But she was dying after realizing that she will have a test the next Monday and Tuesday.

Fast Forward to Tuesday next week.

She was late again at her 7am class with sleepy eyes and a tired hand. She still had to write a header for the Lab Report and print the figures for her Research. Not to mention the quiz for later that she haven’t reviewed yet.

Fast Forward to 4pm.

The girl was very happy after acing the test and passing both the Lab Report and Research paper. She wanted to celebrate but she has another Research paper to do to be passed on Thursday and a test for tomorrow.

But no one can prevent her from claiming her reward. Wanna know what it is?

It’s a long bath.

A very long and extravagant bath with lots of spilled water and soap. She washed her hair into tangles and cleaned out her tired sun-kissed skin. And it was amazing. It was the best reward she had in a week.

And it was enough.

The End.

Totally made me taking a bath seemed more exciting by making a story about it. This is what happens to a zombie student.


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