Better With Kris

Being the late comer (in many aspects) that I am, I just got a copy of Kris Allen’s album “Thank You Camellia” this past week from a friend. Even though I am a big Kris Allen fan ever since his American Idol days, I wasn’t the type to download an album back then. But apparently, I am now.

What I love about Kris Allen is that he is handsome (suddenly daydreams). That’s it. No questions asked.

But seriously, aside from his gorgeous appearance, he has this cool voice that no one will get tired of listening. I think the first time I fell in love with him is when he sang “Heartless” in AI. I was rooting for another person and he didn’t stood out that much on the auditions but when he sang that song, he owned me. He also has amazing guitar skills. I mean, who would not notice a hot guy playing a guitar while singing? Anyone? None, right?

The first album of his was self-titled and in my opinion “Thank You Camellia” was better. I loved almost all of the songs. “The Vision of Love”, “My Weakness”, “Blindfolded”, “Teach Me How To Love”, “Rooftops”, and “Turn The Pages” were among the ones I like (love love love the upbeat tempo). Though “Better With You” was my favourite.

“Better With You” is a very happy song. Every time I sing it, I feel immediately happy. The lyrics were nice, it was upbeat too, and I just feel like everything will be better.

Actually all the songs will make any girl smile because these are all feel good songs. Boys, a tip? Listen to the album and sing just one song to your girl. You’ll thank me after.

I even imagined that someone will sing it for me and I’ll instantly fall for him.

Wherever I go

Whatever I do

Stay by my side

Cuz baby it’s always better with you


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