Without Inhibitions

I was on my way home, earplugs in place, nodding my head to someone else’s words while reading an e-book when my eyes passed through the phrase “without inhibitions”.

I don’t know what happened right there but I couldn’t stop myself from taking note of that phrase and thinking of my friends and that soon-to-be special someone.

The word “without” means “not having” while “inhibitions” means “a nervous feeling that prevents you from expressing your thoughts, emotions, or desires” (thanks Merriam-Webster dictionary app). It simply means (in my simple words) to have no restrictions or qualms about doing something.

I might have used not that simple of words. What I meant was it just means being able to do or say what you want without thinking about others.

Isn’t it great to do that? Say or do whatever you want without thinking? It feels freeing. It’s like having all of your barriers taken down and pounded to pieces. It’s like opening your wings after a life in a cage. It’s like breathing again after drowning for so long.

But things come for a price. Saying or doing what you want may, in all cases, hurt others. You speak your mind and you might offend someone. You get what you want and you might step on someone. For me, inhibitions are good because I think highly of others.

Good thing was I am blessed with people who will not judge me for what I say or do. It feels so light to be with them. Because I can be whoever I want to be and they’ll accept me.

I hope we’ll all have that someone who we can be with without inhibitions.


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