4th Year 1st Sem Photo Diary – Week 13

Finally! Up to date post! This week’s been full of birthday celebrations, eat outs, and tons of discharging energy (if you know what I mean). But I love this week, especially the weekends, because I got to spend it sleeping.

Did you know that it is the first time I slept for 12 hours straight accidentally? I went home at around 6PM and told myself that I’ll just be taking a nap (because I haven’t eaten dinner yet) then I woke up at 7am in the morning! The good part was, it actually felt great.

Well, I’ll try to be up to date next week too! Ciao!



M – September 1. Finished making my three gift boxes for three special people.
T – September 2. Celebrated Madee’s 21st birthday.
W – September 3. Took a shot with Mom using my lovely pink Instax Mini 8.
Th – September 4. Accidentally bought a Coke meant to be shared with Arman.
F – September 5. Celebrated Ansper’s and Jireh’s 20th birthday at the same time.

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