Big Shoes To Fill In

“Try to put yourself in his shoes.”

Sorry for my wounded leg.

Took that line to heart, literally. Having been fascinated with big bulky boy shoes but never the courage to buy them for myself, I always were borrowing them from my friends and trying them on. Oh the feels! Boy shoes (are not the right term but it’s the only thing my vocabulary allows) are super comfy, spacious (duh, “boy” shoes), and always looks good. I give them that. Swag is the term, if you may.

Since high school (we were not allowed to wear shoes inside the classroom, a little bit like the Japanese but we were told to because we’re gonna wear out the floor) I wear this pair when going out the room. It was my friend’s and if I remember correctly, it was an Adidas sneakers. I especially love wearing it when I am in my jogging pants (PE).

A few years later, I still make my friend’s remove their shoes and try them on for myself. I guess that’s how far their love for me goes because who would do that for anyone? Remove your shoe in the middle of school in broad daylight (true story) and let your friend who is a girl try it on? Insane! But I love them more for it.

There was this one pair I really wanted to try on but won’t get to. But being patient has its reward. One bright afternoon, I got to try them. Mission accomplished!


My outfit (or my house clothes, I call them) was unintentional. I wasn’t planning to look like the sporty type but I miraculously pulled it off. I like the angle also for it didn’t show how big these shoes were for me.

Me in action. Very model-y? Nope? That’s right.
Peace yo!


I promise to buy a pair for myself when (keyword when) I can make money on my own. For now, I’ll just ogle at them and push my friends’ love for me to the limit. Hurhur.

Try one now! But please stay away from smelly ones, just a friendly reminder to all.


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