How To: Personalized Gift Box

This particular post has made a slight appearance at this photo diary entry. So here I am to elaborate more.

I have always been the type of person who gives gifts at birthdays. As much as I can, I try to give something special to the celebrant, may it be a material thing, a letter, a video presentation, a cake, just something to make them feel happy. Although I am not much of a creative person (as I’ve said countless of times), I sometimes try to give something personalized (ie video greeting, friendship bracelet, quirky letter).

The transition of August to September was one of my best moments, I must say. That time, I made the best creative gift I could muster and made three people very happy. Presenting, personalized gift box.

DSC_3737I was once given something similar so I thought to recreate it as a gift for my three friends. Yup, I made three for my friends’ birthdays. It was unfair to give something different for everyone so I thought to make it all identical.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Folders (for the body and the cover of your box)
  • Board paper (for the pages) or any paper that is hard enough to stand and not flop around.
  • Hard straws and foam paper (for the pop-up) or any hard paper
  • Gift wrappers, stickers, washi tapes for the cover up of the whole box
  • Pair of scissors
  • Tape, glue, anything to put the pieces together
  • A ribbon (optional)


  1. You have to have a clear picture of what you want your gift box to look like. How big or small it is, what theme are you using, the colors, and all the small pieces. Try to relate your box to the occasion and to what the person you’ll give it to likes.
  2. Measure your folder to your preference and cut it looking like a cross. The middle part of it will be the base of your box. The flaps will then be folded to be the sides of your box. Try not to fold them too much so it won’t fall inside the box. We don’t want that. As for your cover, trace two squares on top of the other on a folder. The smaller square must have the same measurement as your base. The bigger square should be a few centimetres larger, depending on how long the flap of your cover you want. Trace the line of the smaller square and fold it. Cut some parts and tape it, just like making a pizza box.
  3. Make some rectangles from your board paper the size of your flaps but a little bit longer. The excess length will be the taped to your base. You can decide how many pages you’ll put in it. Make four sets for you have four flaps.
  4. Deciding to put a little more into it, I made some “pop up” message in the base of the box. Make a little message on a small piece of paper (I used foam paper to make it cushy) and tape it in a straw. Make the straw stand by making a small cut in the middle of its end part and separating it. Tape the straw to your base.
  5. Last part is to decorate. You can do whatever you want but be sure to make it special. I’m positive that the person you’ll give it to will love it just how much you loved making it. Tie a ribbon on the top for that little something.

DSC_3708 DSC_3707 DSC_3718  DSC_3727 DSC_3734DSC_3720I’m sorry for the photo bombing of my foot (with orange painted nails). I can’t have 3 arms after all (two for handling the box and one for taking the picture).

DSC_3740Just put your heart in it and I’m sure it will be awesome. Look at mine! It wasn’t much but my friends loved it not because they love me, but because they know I put my efforts in it.

“It’s the effort that counts.” Or something.

I hope I helped you make one great personalized gift. Have fun making them!


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