Clock Tower @ Plaza de Mayor, Balanga City

Being in city for practically half of my life (since high school) I have seen enormous changes in and out of it. The biggest might be the renovation of the whole plaza to resemble a Spanish era-ish architecture. It was done last year and produced an instant tourist attraction (see here). I noticed a lot of school bus around the area most of the time.

Among the buildings surrounding the area, this might be the most unnoticed and taken for granted, the clock tower. It is not actually a tower in a sense that it is only a building (The Plaza Hotel) with a clock, but for romanticism purposes, that will do.

I was not taken by its beauty at first because, well, we’re humans. We take things for granted and this little piece of scenery was often taken for granted in my opinion. It has nothing special really, but when night comes, tada!


Perfect lighting for the gloomy skies, right?

DSC_3382 DSC_3383

The building was quite impressive, admit it.


See? One little tidbit that you might miss can be something wonderful! Have a nice day!


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