3 Places I’d Rather Be At This Moment

I noticed that I haven’t done a list post, like ever. I don’t know when the trend started or where (or if it really started…or ended already) but they are quite popular. Most topics involve beauty products, fashion, cute guys (I checked out a few of those), movies, books, celebrities, love problems and solutions, and even hair dos. I’ve always admired their authors because it takes a lot of patience to sift through tons of topics and pictures to come up with the “10 Most Loved Movies of 2000” or something. It could get a little redundant with the description like “I loved it!” then on the next one, “I really loved it!”, then on the other, “Omg you’ll love it ‘cause I did!” It is a lot of work but hey, people really like those things (especially when it’s about Zac Efron’s transformation since his HSM days). You should be proud of yourselves!

Kudos to all the list-ers (forgive my term) out there! More so to the people who write love advices and stuff. I really enjoy those. With those funny memes and gifs. (Well I guess you know where I often go to. Clue: Zoey Deschanel.)

Succumbing to the so called trend, here is my “3 Places I’d Rather Be”.

First up is a bookstore. Need I say more?

DSC_5924Though I don’t frequent book stores around our place (because they are more often school supplies shop), I really loved places like National Book Store (MOA Branch), actually all the bookstores in MOA, because I get to spend my time leisurely. I’d go from shelf to shelf, table to table, and be amazed by how much I haven’t read yet. I went to a bookstore once to find a book for a first-time reader of a novel and it was like I was on a high to find the perfect book (to keep him from stopping there and read some more). The best thing I like is that I can sit on the floor, go from plot to plot, spend hours scanning, and no one would care (some would even smile at you). Best feeling!

The second one is Starbucks. Not surprised eh? Well I am actually surprised at myself.

DSC_5590Starbucks is a place I can’t be whenever I want because I am a student. Yup, I don’t have the budget. Because I’d rather buy a chicken meal than a Grande Dark Mocha (oh yum). But if I could? I definitely would. It has the perfect image of a coffee shop for me (the branch I go to, anyway). It is quiet, cold (too cold), and private. I always had this dream of going to a coffee shop by myself and be there for hours studying. I thought it would work out on the famous coffee shop around here but it would be impossible for that place to be quiet. Coffee + Machine Design lecture = Perfect.

The last, and likely not the least, is a supermarket.

DSC_5818This might be really weird but I spend at least half an hour at a supermarket just gawking at the goodies. I would be zigzagging all over the place even if I was just there to buy some tissues. I could window shop there every single day, if I’m allowed to. It’s like heaven to me. Although I don’t cook a lot to need to spend countless hours gathering ingredients, it just makes me happy to wander aimlessly just discovering new things. I especially love going to big supermarkets where they have imported goods. I (still) don’t have the money to buy them but they motivate me to save up so in time, I could try them. It’s my little way of trying out new things. Like Pocky, Pepero, and Lotte. I’ve always wanted to know what the rave is all about with those products, then I tried one (Pocky) and instantly fell in love (shallow ugh). It’s a simple way of stepping outside your comfort zones. After a few days, I tried Pepero and it was the best thing ever! (Try the one with almonds). I haven’t tried Lotte but in time. Oh! It gets even better, there’s this Pocky that is flavoured Choco-Banana! How cool and yummy is that!

I think this has the same length as a 10-numbered list.

But I enjoyed writing it! It’s been so long since I had something new around here, and I really loved telling you the places I’d be. These places might not be as grand as yours but what matters most is that we enjoy ourselves, and are happy!

Arigatou for reading!

P.S. But there is no place like home. Heehee.


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