2015 Goals

It is a new year and everyone seems to have their own New Year’s Resolutions. When I was a kid, my resolutions were pretty simple. Study harder, be kinder, obey my parents more, be thrifty, little things like that. But when people get older, they tend to stray from these and focus more on worldly things like cars, gadgets, or a house.

As for me, this year, I actually forgot to make any resolutions. I often write them down but I have not a trace of pen in any paper. So I decided to make this, my 2015 goals.

I just want to cement my resolve this year. I also want something to look forward to.

  1. Finish my 4th year in college, apply for a nice OJT (and ace it), and continue on my 5th This seems really attainable.
  2. Stop obsessing over petty things. Me + my over thinking skills.
  3. Make more memories with friends. Many many more!
  4. Find more places to eat. Treasure hunting!
  5. Involve self in creative projects. To develop and share my talents.
  6. Be with family and bond over a movie and some peanuts. Because we love watching films.
  7. Never miss an opportunity. You’ll never know until you try.
  8. Find true love. ???
  9. Have a more positive outlook. Because being happy starts within.
  10. Have the attitude appropriate to my age. I need to stop being childish.

Most are substantial but these are things that need to be done.

Hoping for a fun 2015 for everybody!

photo grabbed from http://hellogiggles.com/ode-self-love

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