You Happy Equals Me Happy


Praise the Lord for a great ending to a dark-thoughts mind-eating day!

Plagued by numerous thoughts all day, all I wanted was a good night’s sleep, long hours of it really. But no, chatting made me busy and wide awake until now (time check: 2:45AM). I was planning to tackle every social matter in my life tomorrow (or later when I was supposed to wake up) but I can’t resist the contact and intense joy I feel when I talk to people.

And I was glad I stayed up. I feel emotionally recharged after all the talks I had tonight. It was refreshing and energizing at the same time to feel that people really care for you the way that you care for them. I can’t really back down from a meaningful talk, can I?

I realized that I will never be sad if my friends are happy. Their happiness means so much to me that it literally makes me smile and (dubiously) jump for joy for their accomplishments and advancements (like advancement in the matters of the heart). I wish for them to always feel the joy they deserve.

Making everyone smile is a goal of mine. Not bad for someone who’s too afraid to go out of the box, eh? Courage. Courage is all I need and I’m good to go. (A little bit of love might not hurt.)


Praying for all the souls of our loved ones this All Saint’s Day. We miss you everyday and thank you for looking out for us.

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