Unexpected Places


I recently developed a habit of looking up at certain times of the day. Every morning when I run, in the afternoons at school, and at night when I walk home. Some would say it’s stupid and a waste of energy but it somehow calms me. And I honestly find it beautiful. Those different colors, cloud formations, and shades of blue are nature’s everyday work of art.

One afternoon at school, while waiting for the CEA Christmas Tree Lighting program to start, I did my usual “where will the sun set” survey of the surroundings and found it behind the CEA building. Anxious to capture a simple memory, I went up the (empty and creepily silent) building. You could count the number of students with your fingers.

But it was totally worth it (even the going inside an empty room with no lights on) because I got to witness something that someone out there can only dream of seeing.

It might be simple and ordinary for some, but these moments are what makes life worth living.


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