Choices and Their Silent Voices

Choices define. Choices divide.

After a long while of living (and dying inside most times) in this wonderful place we call home, a few things became clear. Your choices makes you, you.

Growing up, I had no choice but to follow my parents. I mean, who doesn’t? It wasn’t like they don’t know what they’re doing and overall, they only wants what’s best for us. It was not hard because they still give me the freedom to do what I like (whine, cry, fall down, those things). And they never fail to support me.

Then came the choice to fall in love at such a young age. It was not my intention to do so but things happen for a reason. Years of choosing love over everything made me happy, though there were times when love is all you see that everything else seemed blurry. I prioritized love like it was the only thing that’s keeping me together. And when it’s gone, I burst into tiny little pieces.

After years of wandering and wondering, choosing to move on was the only option. I chose to let go of everything that was dragging me down and be the best version of myself. It took a lot of courage to finally be on my own and start rebuilding the character that I’m meant to be. I chose to be good and to be happy with what I am. It is a long road but the journey will be exciting and worth it.

It’s not easy to choose between what you want and what you need. And I tell you that it will never be easy. Choices lead to consequences. It may be for your own good or for you to learn a lesson. But always remember that whatever it is you choose, it will be an adventure for the books.


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