It is Okay

It’s okay self. You can never be always happy, always giddy, because there is a darkness in you that you have come to accept. And if that is something that another person cannot even try to understand then you’re good to go. Go on your own way. You don’t have to share the journey of your life with someone who only sees the light. Your darkness makes your light shine even brighter. Embrace it. 

Soon, someone will be with you during your darkest, holding your hand, guiding you through the labyrinth that is your restless mind, and still believing that your light shines the brightest in his eyes. 

Wait for it. Wait for him. He will be worth it. You are worth it. The story will be worth all the darkness endured alone and all the risk you were afraid to take in your lifetime.  

Be brave dear heart. Do not conform to this generation’s norm. Do not fall into the temptations and be still. Do not fall for someone just for the sake of falling. Trust your heart to lead you to where your true happiness lies. Do not lower your standards. 

Remember that being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lonely. 

And you are okay. It’s okay. He’ll come. In the mean time, love yourself some more. You need and deserve all the love in the world. 


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