I’ve been dreaming about these things for a long time now, and I hope that sooner or later, these dreams will come true.

1. Eat whip cream straight from it’s can. Like Laura here in an ANTM episode. It would be better if the whipped cream’s flavored.

2. Sing and dance in the rain with the ones I love. The last time I felt raindrops on my face was when I was 5. I will be very grateful to share this happy moment with my loved ones.

3. Visit Louvre. I really love Dan Brown so I like to know where his inspirations came from.

4. Be able to hear music from a record player personally. I haven’t seen one before so I’m so excited to try one. I would love to see an old version of it.

5. Own a BlackBerry 9380. Cause I want to experience unlimited BBM. LOL.

6.Own a pillow made from real feathers. I would love to have a pillow fight involving real, white, soft and fluffy feathers.

7. Buy my own Canon EOS 550D. My camera phone can’t take my vanity anymore.

8. Ma-harana. Filipinas love to be serenaded by a singing man with a guitar.

9. Help others. I want to be part of a Foundation of sorts.

10. Ride in a hot air balloon. I want to see the big picture.

11. Own a Fujifilm Instax Mini 25. For my future wall of memorabilias.

12. Receive something in a box. I just realized how I love opening a box and seeing a present inside.


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